When it comes to going to the dentist, only patients can truly tell you the comfort and quality of dental care they experienced. Take a look below at what some of our patients have said about us over the years!


"Having had my substantial dental work (crowns/veneers) completed, to say I am thrilled with the final result is an understatement. It is obvious to me that you are extremely meticulous in your work. When you advertise "pain-free dentistry" you are absolutely correct. Given the hours you spent on my cosmetic dentistry, it was relatively pain-free. I am not a fan of Novocaine, but the topical pre-analgesic is a brilliant technique and even made that 30 second experience bearable. Even though I spent several hours at a time undergoing the dental work, I can truthfully say I felt no significant discomfort at all. Actually, I would not hesitate to have the procedures again. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know. You take great pride in your work and it shows in your patient approach to perfecting your art. Having spread the word to many of my acquaintances and friends about you, I found that many of them are already your patients." Christa

"This is the best dentist I have been too. Both my husband and I go here. The whole team is fabulous. Every person I ran into welcomed me with a smile and asked how I was. I had a bad experience at my previous dentist. The staff here are very comforting and cautious when working with your teeth. Would 110% recommend them." - Paige


"I love the fact that everyone you meet calls you by name the next time you visit. That tells me that we are not a number, we are treated like friends! I love that! Your staff is so knowledgeable about everything. My family and I feel comfortable when we are there. Thanks for making our dental visits pleasant." – Patty



"Personally, I don’t think any of you could have done any better of a job than what was done. I appreciate, beyond words, your ability to squeeze me into an obviously busy work day. Your kindness and compassion has allowed me to continue, more effectively, through my busy work week as well. I will most certainly recommend you to anyone I talk to that doesn't have a dentist or is looking for a new one and will do so without any reservation. Thanks for giving me your best!"  – Scott


 "I am the biggest baby when it comes to going to the dentist and let me tell you they had their hands full with me. But all in all I made my next appt and I will be going back it was 100% better than any other experience I have ever had. They are amazing." - Sherry


"I always enjoy the warmth and professionalism at Modern Family Dentistry. Office Staff, Dental Hygienists, and Dr. Wilson himself all treat one another and the patients with respect and compassion. There is up to date technology combined with timeless personal connection skills. Each procedure is explained. My choices for treatment are clearly laid out. While I am not thrilled ever to undergo dental procedures, I am crazy about this practice." - Dee


"First of all I would just like to say, I've had a dental phobia ever since I was 6 years old. I usually start worrying about going to the dentist 3 days prior to my appointment, and by the end of those 3 days the anxiety has built up too the point where I usually cancel the day of the appointment. I've just recently became a patient of Dr Wilson, my first trip there was for a extremely bad toothache, which ended in a root canal. (BEST ROOT CANAL I EVER HAD) Since then I have had extensive work done to my teeth, which was long overdue. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Andrew and Dr. Bob Wilson and all of there staff, they are very professional and caring people, not to mention they know what they're doing, which is probably the most important. I would recommend there practice to anyone that has anxiety about going to the dentist or who is just looking for a good dentist. I'm not exactly sure how they did it but my phobia is gone. Thank you Dr. Bob, Dr. Andrew and his very professional staff. " - Terry





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